Madagascar Hissing Cockaroach is from Madagascar a body of land or a large island to the bottom right of Africa but do to its famous sound there kept and breeded around the world.




They can be found in the moist forests of madagascar usally in rotting logs.




  They are vegitarians usally eating rotting fruits and vegtables. A whole colony can eat up to one large carrot a day.




  •  The female Hissing Cockaroach keeps its eggs until they hatch an then covers the young with its body.
  • The young molt about 5-7 times before reaching adulthood adults never molt.
  • Males are territorial and use their hissing sound for atracting mates signalling a fight for a mate and defending its territory.
  • Femals or young ones never hiss unless being disturbed.
  • They can grow up to 2-3 inches.


Reproductive Strategies


  • They have Seperate sexes
  • They have internal fertalization and can have up to 20-40 eggs
  • The Hisiing cockaroach usally stays with its mate through out its life